Spotting a LandLord Fraud

Though Landlords are respectable and decent. There are still those who violates the rental law and commit fraudulent acts.

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To spot a LandLord Fraud, Trulia have enumerated 7 ways.

Source: Rental Laws: 7 ways to Spot Landlord Fraud

  1. They won’t let you tour a place – If a Landlord wouldn’t want you to tour the place inspite of showing him your interest, there may be something fishy about it. By this time, you should have doubted the place actual look. If that would be the case, you better look for another apartment.
  2. There’s no rental application – NOT filling up a rental application may be convenient in some ways and will make the process a lot easier. But, no rental application may also means no formal contract because there are no “signed” agreement. Don;t be mislead by easy processing. It is better to abide by the rules of renting,
  3. The ask for insane upfront fees – If you’re not sure of how much si the upfront fees, It is better to ask a specialist about it. And, make sure to ask for a receipt when paying fees.
  4. They insist on Cash – Monthly Cash payment may not be convenient on your part as a renter. This means you’ll have to pay the Landlord directly hand-on-hand. Might as well suggest to issue a check.  This will also help you track your monthly payments.
  5. There’s no paper trail — and not because everything happens electronically – Let’s just make this simple – “Everything must be put on writing”. This will help you in law proceedings. No paper trail may result to lack of evidence. 
  6. The appartment isn’t up to code – Be aware of the standard apartment features. IF there are some features that is missing or is not working, call the attention of the Landlord. If in case, after several notices, the Landlord still ignores you. Go get a lawyer.
  7. Security Deposit Drama –  For every repairs and cleaning done, ask for receipts. If the Landlord claims that he’s the one doing the repairs, then asked for a detailed explanation of repairs and have it estimated in local vendors. Don’t be fooled by an excessive charges. It is your hard earned money and you would like to have detailed information on how it is being spent.

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