Innovative Fireplace

Need a place to make you warm during winter but no Chimney? No need to worry.

Because we’re living in 21st century wherein technology is continuously upgrading. Having an Indoor Portable Fireplace is not a surprise. It’s just amazing that people minds never cease to stop and they used it to create something useful.

This inovative fireplace is called “Bioethanol fireplaces”. These fireplaces is easy to use, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance because it doesn’t produce ashes and definitely no smoke!

There are a lot of Bioethanol fireplace designs to choose from. You may choose a free standing indoor fireplace, or a wall mount fireplace or something that can be put on the table and can be used outdoors.

Here are some models of standing indoor fireplace. These fireplace doesn’t require a lot of installationa nd building works. And, you can move it from room to another room.

Models from Ecosmart Fire.

Information and Photo from EcoSmart Fire
Information and photo from EcoSmart Fire


Models from the Bio Flame

Information and photo from the Bio Flame
Information and photo from the Bio Flame


These are some Outdoor fireplace designs from Ecosmart Fire.


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These are wall mount fireplace designs from the Bio Flame.


Want to see other designs?  Click on the blue link and visit their website.

Though, these fireplace produces some heat. Always read the guidelines and safety precautions when planning to install it in you home. Keep in Mind – Safety First!





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