Living in Los Angeles

Plan of moving to Los Angeles? Here are some helpful tips in living in one of the largest cities in the world.

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Source: 29 Tips for living in L.A

  1. It’s okay to be Rejected – There’s always a tough competition when applying for a job or getting a rent in an apartment. But, don’t lose hope. Los Angeles is a big city and you’ll definitely have a job and a place to live as long as you pursue it.
  2. Learn the City Layout – If it’s your first time in L.A, go grab a map of city layout or ask a friend and let him guide you in your first week at LA. Or, if your car has a GPS on It, better use those to look for another way to the city in order to avoid traffic.
  3. Avoid Driving around 4 pm – 7 pm. – If you’ll be out from office around those times, better yet stop by a coffee shop or have some window shopping around those times. If you are living two blocks from your office, I advised you to just walk home
  4. Groupon or Goldstar – Want to dine in with some fine restaurants? Go grab your phone and purchase a deal in Groupon. This will help you save money and enjoying a meal in a fine restaurant. For events, Use Goldstar to have some discounts in purchasing tickets for L.A events
  5. Parking Tickets – Park your car in the designated place only and don’t EVER forget to feed the parking meter. You don’t want your car to be taken away and pay a certain fee because you missed the parking sign or didn’t feed the parking meter.
  6. Runyon Canyon – Want to be a paparazzi for a day? Have a healthy living and go into Runyon Canyon and dream that you’ll bump into a famous actress or worst, to your ex-girlfriend Husband. Better yet, just set your goal and live a healthy one by doing some hiking once in a while.
  7. Business Casual – Attending an Interview? Learn to wear a smart business casual attire. Not too Formal and not to casual. Just bring an enough amount of confidence and never ever forget your brain. There are a lot of “out-of-the-blue” questions in interviews, so you must be attentive and ready to answer all of the questions that will be thrown to you.
  8. Take a Class – There is never “too old” in learning. So whatever age you are in, go enroll in some classes like acting, photography, graphics designs, singing, and dancing. Meet some new friends and spend your idle hours with something useful.
  9. In and Out – Go proclaim yourself as an official Angelino by purchasing the best burger in the City.
  10. DMV – As much as possible, don’t get into this way. Learn to course your way out of DMV.
  11. Exercise – Get yourself physically fit. There a lot of Fitness center around the city. Or maybe, you could do some running during your off hours.
  12. Ask for Advice – Never be afraid to ask for some advice when meeting new people while exploring the wondrous of Los Angeles
  13. Don’t worry so much – Far away from your hometown? It’s just normal to experience some heartbreak and loneliness. Don’t get too depressed. Just think clear and set your mind to your purpose onto Why are you in Los Angeles.
  14. Get Some Sleep – Refill your energy by having an enough sleep. Adequate sleep gives you enough energy to face another new morning.
  15. I live in the Valley – This pertains to San Fernando Valley. You’ll see much cheaper apartments here compared to other cities. And, this has a hotter temperature than in the west side of the country.
  16. Be resourceful, Learn how to get out of the Jams. – Traffic everywhere. Learn to navigate around the city and avoid those jam-packed streets
  17. Leverage what you’re good at first – Couldn’t get your dream job? Better yet, use some of your skill first and earn some money for daily living. Eventually, if you have enough resources, you might get the job you always dreamed about.
  18. Stay around positive people – Positive outlook in life give you a better path and a better way of living. Don’t dwell on those people who have negative attitudes.
  19. Live in a Safe Area – Don’t disregard your safety and the safety of your family. Live in a place with a nice neighborhood. But, Don’t be too complacent. Nowadays, crimes happen everywhere, so always think fo your family safety and educate your children about the troubles in the world so that they may be aware and be mindful of their safety.
  20. Go Get A Job – Money just doesn’t grow on a tree. They are earned.
  21. Go to Farmer’s Market – Craving for fresh fruits? Visit the Farmer’s Market and choose the fresh fruits you desire
  22. Venice Drum Circle – See these hippies playing music in Venice Beach
  23. Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles – Try this weird combination. They quite remarkable
  24. Get away from L.A – Have a chillax moment and relaxation by getting out of the noisy city
  25. Credit – Don’t spend too much. Spend something that you can afford. Don’t get into bad credit history. If budget is too tight, Get a second job or have some sidelines.
  26. 99 Cents Only Stores – Best place to save Money
  27. Get A GPS – There are many phone application that will help you get around the city
  28. Don’t buy from IKEA – if budget is too tight, don’t buy furniture in Ikea. Look for some used items in Craiglist or Ikea Items on Sale at Craiglist
  29. Stop reading, watching, or listening to interviews of successful people in LA and get your hands dirty – You know what it Means!
Credit to Justin Resarieo

For other guides in Los Angeles. Here are some websites and articles that can help you out more:



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