Living Room Ambiance

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Living Room is where families gather to bond or simply watch a movie together. It is the place where we entertain our visitors or have some conversation with friends. It is the first place we see once we enter our home. And, we would like to have a clean and nice living room to uplift our mood when we go home after a hard day work.

We reinvent our living room most of the time. Redecorate it if there are occasions, during holidays or whenever we feel like decorating it.

Here are some various ideas in remodeling your Living Room:

  1. New Paint for your living Room – Tired of the same wall color of your living room? Try to repaint it with a different color. You may use a lighter color to create a refreshing look.
  2. Change Curtains  – Curtains gives style in your living room. Sometimes, the color of the curtain that we use depends on the season. For example, If it’s Christmas Season, we use our Christmas-themed-like Curtain. It could be Red, Green or White Curtain for Christmas.
  3. Have some Cushion for your sofa and change the cover often – Make it a habit to change your Cushion Cover. We would like to have a clean environment with free of dust especially if we have a baby or children. Choosing your Cushion covers gives different aura in your living room. We may use printed design or just plain colors.
  4. Have some artworks, figurines or Fresh flower – Having some artful designs in your living room makes it more attractive. Aside from the hanging Family portrait and the Framed photo on top of your cabinet, you may also put some lovely figurines of angels or animals. A Fresh flower in a vase at the center of your living room table will give the room a fresh look. Or you may opt to use an artificial flower instead of a fresh one.
  5. Rearrange your Living Room Furniture – This requires a hard work as you need to relocate your furniture to have a new and better look. For furniture that looks old, don’t throw them away. You just have to think of an idea to make it look like new again. For example, for the book shelves that has faded paint, you just need to repaint it or cover it using wall vinyl or any printed paper you wish. Use your creative mind and transform that old furniture into a new one without spending too much money.

For some visual Living Room Ideas, click the link below



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