Why is Gift Giving Important

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Gift Giving is a sign of thoughtfulness and generosity. It’s a way of showing your appreciation and respect. This also can be a reward to a good performance or showing your affection towards a loved one.

Gift Giving has its benefits. As per Realtor.org, there are approximately two million registered real estate agents in the USA. All of which, invest their time and efforts talking to clients, adhere with their request, visit properties, go over the contract process and close the deals. They do this to make sure that clients have nothing to worry in terms of their real estate needs. Simple gifts could build a long lasting relationship between a client and an agent.

Building a relationship is one of the benefits of gift giving. As per RISMediaGiving a gift has a positive effect both on the giver and receiver, and engenders a feeling of gratitude, which is a key element in loyalty management. According to a study, The Role of Customer Gratitude in Relationship Marketing, “gratitude increases a customer’s trust in the seller…strengthening the quality of the relationship and positively affecting seller outcomes.”

Through a Gift, you only not show gratefulness but it also builds trust and loyalty. Gifts build connection, a professional bond that will make them think of you whenever their friends or a member of their family needs real estate assistance.

Choosing the right gift is hard to think of. A gift should not always be grandiose but it should convey thoughtfulness and gratitude. A simple note, a card, a piece of advice, or something for their kitchen or garden may be a good gift for a client. Think of a gift that will make them remember you. It should have something to tell about you and your business.

Gift giving is not always pertaining to a client but also to your coworkers. Giving your co-workers a gift over the holiday or recognizing their effort is a way of having a long lasting benefit. This will encourage them to do more and may improve your professional relationship.

Source: Why Being Generous Pays Off




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